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The Whithorn Trust explore the archaeology and history of Whithorn, Scotland
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St. Ninian's Cave

St. Ninian's Cave
St. Ninian's Cave

Through Physgill Glen, on the Solway shore south of Whithorn, St. Ninianís Cave is said to have been St. Ninianís retreat and although no evidence has been found there is no reason to doubt the connection. In 1871 an incised cross was found and excavation in 1884 revealed a number of crosses now removed to the Historic Scotland Museum in Whithorn for safe-keeping.

The Catholic Diocese of Galloway annually holds a pilgrimage to St. Ninian's Cave on the last Sunday in August. There are also youth pilgrimages and a Christian Aid walk to the cave.

St Ninian Sites
Saint Ninian Stained Glass Window

According to an unbroken tradition dating from the earliest times and confirmed in the writings of the Venerable Bede in the 8th century, a holy man named Nynia, born among the British people, introduced the Christian faith into a significant part of the land now known as Scotland long before the coming of Saint Columba.

St Ninian's CaveSt Ninian's Cave
St Ninian's ChapelSt Ninian's Chapel
Witness CairnWitness Cairn

St. Ninian Local Sites
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