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The Whithorn Trust explore the archaeology and history of Whithorn, Scotland
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Saint Ninian Placenames


  • St. Ninian's chapel, St. Ninian's Point and St. Ninian's Bay, Isle of Bute

  • "Lands of St. Ninian", Kintyre

  • Macringan's Point, Campbelltown Loch

  • St. Ninian's chapel, Isle of Sanda, off Kintyre

  • Kilninian, Isle of Mull


A Y R S H I R E - top

  • Killantringan Loch and house near Ballantrae

  • St. Ninian chapel, Ardmillan

  • Maybole Parish Church

  • St. John Church, Ayr

  • Kilcaiss leper hospital near Prestwick

  • St. Ninian chapel near Dundonald Castle

  • Irvine Parish Church

  • St. Ninian's Isle, River Garnock at Kilwinning


C L Y D E   V A L L E Y - top

  • Lamington Church

  • St. Innian's well, Lamington

  • Wiston Church

  • Covington Church

  • Church site at Pittinain (or Pittinine)

  • Stonehouse old parish church and burial ground


C O N T I N E N T - top

  • St. Ninian chapel (Mary, Queen of Scots), Roscoff

  • St. Ninian chapel, Bruges

  • St. Ninian chapel, Elsinore


E N G L A N D ,   I S L E   O F   M A N   &   I R E L A N D - top

  • Ninekirks, St. Ninian Church, Eamont River, near Penrith

  • St. Ninian church site and nearby Ninewell, Old Brompton, near Carlisle

  • Whitby old church

  • St. Ninian church, Gateshead

  • St. Ninian church, Douglas, Isle of Man

  • Barony of St. Trinians, Isle of Man

  • St. Ninian dedication, Ramsay, Isle of Man

  • Inishmacsaint, St. Ninian's, Ireland

  • County Kildare, Ireland


F I F E ,   C L A C K M A N N A N   &   K I N R O S S - top

  • Kinninny Point near Charlestown, opposite Blackness

  • Dunfermline Abbey, altar

  • Abbottshall Parish Church, Wester Bogie

  • St. Ninian church, Pittenweem

  • St. Monans

  • Falkland Parish Church, altar

  • Ceres Parish Church

  • Abdie old parish church and burial ground

  • Ninewells, near Abdie

  • St. Ninian chaplaincy, barony of Saughtie, Kinross

  • St. Ninian church, Arbirlot

  • St. Ringan's well, Arbirlot

  • St. Ninian chapel of Balinscho, near Kirriemuir


G A L L O W A Y - top

  • St. Ninian's Priory, Whithorn

  • St. Ninian's Chapel, Isle of Whithorn

  • St. Ninian's Cave, Physgill Glen

  • St. Ninian's well, St. Ninian's bridge, and St. Ninian's cottages near Glenturk, by Wigtown

  • Bell Knowe for St. Ninian's bell, near Clachan of Penninghame

  • Old Penninghame parish church, Clachan of Penninghame

  • St. Ninian's well near St. Ninian's Creek in the Cree River, lands of Upper Barr, by Newton Stewart

  • St. Ninian's chapel ruin near the Cruives of Cree

  • Killantringan Bay and chapel ground, near Portpatrick

  • Chipperdingan, well near New England Bay, Drummore

  • ? Ringuinea cairn, near Kirkmadryne

  • St. Ninian chapel, old Kirkcormack parish, Rhonehouse

  • St. Ringan's well in St. Ringan's field, near above chapel site

  • St. Ringan's cave near above chapel site

  • St. Ninian church site near Carlingwark Loch, Kelton parish

  • St. Michael's church, Dumfries

  • St. Ninian's church site and burial ground, old Dalgarnock parish near Thornhill

  • St. Ninian's well near old Dalgarnock church site

  • Kirkennan near Dalbeattie; also Aucheninnes


G L A S G O W   A R E A - top

  • St. Ninian's chapel near Briggate, Glasgow

  • St. Ninian's leprosy hospital, Glasgow

  • St. Ninian's crofts

  • Burial ground under aisle of St. Fergus, Glasgow Cathedral

  • Glasgow Cathedral, altar

  • Eastwood Parish Church, altar

  • St. Ninian & St. Conval Parish Church, Renfrew

  • Paisley Abbey, altar

  • Dunbarton Parish Church

  • Old Kilpatrick Parish Church

  • Ringangower (St. Ninian's Crofts), Greenlands, near Bowling

  • Kirkintilloch Parish Church

  • Inchinnan


K I N C A R D I N E   &   A B E R D E E N S H I R E - top

  • St. Ninian chapel, Dunottar Castle

  • St. Ninian's den and St. Ninian's spring near Dunottar Castle

  • St. Ninian chapel formerly on Castlehill, Aberdeen

  • St. Nicholas parish church, St. Ninian dedication

  • St. Ninian well near old church & burial ground, Forvie

  • Annat, near Methlick

  • St. Ninian well near Annat site

  • St. Ninian dedication, Fetternear old church

  • St. Ninian chapel, Pitmeddan, near Oyne

  • Pitinnan, near Oyne

  • Ringan's stone, Johnstoun farm, Leslie parish

  • Annat site, Auchterless parish church

  • St. Ninian fresco, Turiff church


L O T H I A N S - top

  • St. Ninian chapel, somewhere in west Haddington

  • St. Ninian's chapel, barony of Calton, Edinburgh

  • St. Ninian's lands, Calton area, Edinburgh

  • St. Ninian dedication in former Collegiate Church of St. Mary of Gueldres

  • St. Ninian dedication, North Leith parish church

  • St. Ninian dedications, Liberton land

  • St. Ninian chapel, Blackness Castle

  • St. Ninian's chapel, west port, Linlithgow

  • St. Ninian's altar, St. Michael's Parish Church, Linlithgow

  • St. Ninian's mill, near Linlithgow

  • St. Ninian old chapel and stone cross shaft, Torphichen


M O R A Y   F I R T H - top

  • St. Ninian church at old Fochabers parish church, Bellie

  • St. Ninian chapel & burial ground, Braes of Enzie, near Fochabers

  • Elgin Cathedral, St. Ninian chaplaincy

  • St. Ninian window, Birnie Church, near Elgin

  • Ninian dedication, Dyke church

  • Old St. Ninian Parish Church, Nairn

  • St. Ninian depiction on coat of arms, Burgh of Nairn

  • St. Ringan's well, near Nairn

  • Old St. Ninian monastery site, Park Farm, near Nairn

  • St. Ninian's "Temple", near Temple pier, Drumnadrochit

  • St. Ninian's well, near Temple

  • St. Ninian's crofts, above Temple

  • St. Ninian chapel near Balnain, Glenurquhart (Episcopal church)


O R K N E Y   &   S H E T L A N D   I S L A N D S - top

  • St. Ninian chapel, South Ronaldsay (earlier, Rinansay), near Stew's Head, Orkney

  • St. Ninian dedication, old Toab church site at burial ground in St. Andrew's parish, Pomona, Orkney

  • St. Ninian's Parish Church at Deerness since union with Toab, Orkney

  • St. Ninian window in St. Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall, Orkney

  • St. Ninian chapel site, North Ronaldsay (Rinansay), near Burrian's broch, Orkney

  • St. Ninian's Isle and St. Ninian's Bay, Shetland

  • St. Ninian well & chapel on St. Ninian's Isle, Shetland

  • St. Ninian's church with ancient cross, Bigton, Shetland

  • St. Ninian chapel site and burial ground, Norby near Sandness, Shetland

  • St. Ninian chapel site at Papil Ness, Cullivoe, Yell, Shetland


P E R T H S H I R E - top

  • Ringan's Loup, edge of Ardoch Camp, near Braco

  • Parish church of St. John, Perth, altar

  • Kinnoul Parish Church, altar

  • St. Ninian's acres, Kinnoul

  • St. Ninian chapel, Dunkeld Cathedral

  • St. Ninian's crofts, near Dunkeld Cathedral

  • Eas Inian waterfall, Glen Lyon

  • Inverinian house, Glen Lyon

  • Cathair Innian, Glen Lyon

  • St. Ninian connection with Dull church, old centre of parish near Aberfeldy

  • Lands of Ninian, Coupar Angus

  • St. Ninian monastery chapel, Keithlick

  • St. Ninian's well, Wellmeadow, Blairgowrie

  • St. Ninian chapel & burial ground, Alyth


R O S S   &   C R O M A R T Y - top

  • St. Ninian's Kiltearn Church, Balconie, near Evanton

  • Nonikil chapel burial ground, near Alness

  • St. Ninian dedication, Rosskeen Parish Church, near Alness

  • Wester Fearn, site of old Ninian dedication and later Premonstatensian foundation

  • Fearn Abbey, moved from Wester Fearn, connected to Candida Casa

  • Well of the Baptiser (thought to be Ninian), near Portmahomack church

  • Ard-Namen (supposed to be point of Ninian, not found)

  • Edderton church site & burial ground


S T I R L I N G - top

  • St. Ninian's Parish

  • St. Ninian's Church

  • St. Ninian's well, near south port

  • Stirling Parish Church, altar

  • Cambuskenneth Abbey, St. Ninian altar and nearby St. Ninian spring


S U T H E R L A N D   &   C A I T H N E S S - top

  • St. Ninian's chapel site & burial ground, Navidale (St. Ninian dale)

  • Tiobhar Inian, St. Ninian well, Navidale

  • St. Ninian chapel site, head of Wick Bay

  • Papigoe, near Wick


T A Y S I D E ,   F O R F A R   &   K I N C A R D I N E - top

  • Dundee Parish Church

  • Ninewells area of Dundee

  • St. Ninian Church, Dighty Glen

  • St. Ninian well, (Sinnavie), Dighty Glen

  • St. Ninian church, Arbirlot

  • St. Ringan's well, Arbirlot

  • St. Ninian chapel of Balinscho, near Kirriemuir

  • St. Ninian chapel near Arbroath Ness

  • St. Ninian's croft and nearby St. Ninian well, near Arbroath

  • St. Ninian's Heuch, cliff and caves near Arbroath

  • St. Ninian's Inch, and St. Ninian burial ground also near Arbroath

  • St. Innen's spring, Wellford, Fearn parish

  • Brechin Cathedral, altar and St. Ninian window

  • Farnell church site near Brechin


T W E E D   V A L L E Y - top

  • Ashkirk Church near Selkirk

  • St. Ninian's well near Ashkirk church

  • St. Ninian's chapel in west of Bowden parish

  • Ringan's Dene near above chapel

  • Jedburgh Abbey, altar

  • Melrose Abbey, altar

  • St. Ninian's Fair, Fenton, near Wooler, Northumberland

  • Ninewells near Chirnside

  • St. Ninian's old chapel site, Cranshaws

Please note: If you know of other St.Ninian dedications that have not been included in this list, please send known details to The Whithorn Trust.

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