The Whithorn Trust is a charity (Registered no. SC012178 ) which was set up in 1986 to explore the archaeology and history of Whithorn, and to examine its role in the evolution of Christianity in Scotland.

The Trust was established as a direct consequence of an archaeological excavation at Whithorn in 1984. This project showed that remains had survived which dated back to the early centuries of Whithorn’s development as a Christian centre. These discoveries were so significant as to justify further investigation.

The Trustees include individuals from the local community who have skills and interests relevant to the charity, which include heritage, business and education.

Apart from operating the visitor centre daily, the Trust’s work includes research in partnership with leading institutions and experts, promotion of Whithorn’s remarkable story on the national and internationl stage, community events, and projects designed to improve the life chances of people in the local community. We also strive to employ local people and promote local products and produce.